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Kentucky AgriTech: Let's get growing!​

There is something the whole world needs that Kentucky has to offer. It's innovation in agriculture, or "agritech". And it just so happens Kentucky is rich in the traditions, the know-how and the entrepreneurial spirit to bring major advances in agritech to the U.S. and global economies.

Increasing stress on natural resources, continued depletion of agricultural land, and the need to feed a growing population require dramatic increases in productivity and reduced waste of resources and energy. Given Kentucky's signature agricultural, equine, food & beverage, logistics and advanced manufacturing industries, the state is uniquely positioned to offer an environment that can attract, develop and sustain agritech-related enterprises. 

We are committed to building upon the Commonwealth's assets to achieve prominence as a "land of opportunity" for those seeking to lead the world in creating new and better ways to deploy agriculture technologies. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let there be no mistake, for Kentucky's purposes, agtech and agritech are synonyms. We chose to use the spelling with an "i" as reminder of two things: (1) that the backbone of the initiative is firmly rooted in Kentucky's agricultural tradition; and (2) that innovation is key in the growth and development of this sector.

Agritech is the use of technology in agriculture with the aim of improving yield, efficiency and profitability. It includes products, services, and applications that improve various input/output processes. It is innovations related to software/hardware, robotics, sensors, precision agriculture, big data, artificial intelligence, state-of-the-art equipment and related technologies that support the farms of the future.

Innovation in the agricultural and agricultural related space. We recognize that the definition of agritech is very broad and that's ok. This initiative is meant to build upon our great agricultural tradition and benefit as many sectors of the Kentucky economy as possible, including the agricultural sector, advanced manufacturing, food and beverage, equine, logistics, etc.

Please feel free to explore this website, including the Development Programs page. If you have specific questions or concerns, we would will like to hear from you. Please use the Contact Us page to reach to us. 

Please use the information on the Contact Us page. We cannot wait to meet you and show you what Kentucky has to offer.

Let's partner. Send us a note by using the information on the Contact Us page.

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